Complete Non-Profit Management Services

Administrative Services

We provide complete administrative support services to charities and foundations to help create an efficient and effective organization.

Administrative Services

We provide host of marketing services including campaign management, digital and print advertising and marketing strategy development.

Technology Support

We provide technical support solutions to non-profit organizations including on-site IT support, web development and application integration.

Omni Solutions Agency LLC supports in the growth and development of non-profits by providing key administrative services to better streamline organizations. We believe utilizing the most cutting edge technology can be of great advantage in improving the efficiency and bottom line of not for profit organizations.

Through our unique strategic partnerships, Omni Solutions Agency can support every aspect of a growing non-profit. We have developed a close network of consultants and professionals that provide pivotal services for any organization.


Non-Proft or Tax Exempt Organization are no different than for profit. The bottom line is, there needs to be a bottom line. At Omni Solutions Agency, we bring the for profit business model to your organization so directors, officers and volunteers can concentrate on the mission of the organization. We provide solutions to all the back office needs without the hassle and uncertainty.


The not for profit marketplace can be one of the most competitive industries when it comes to management and fundraising. Streamlining administrative tasks as well as implementing the latest technologies can alleviate much of the costly overhead and volunteers’ hours that are valuable to non-profits.


Marketing is the key component when it comes to growth and sustainability of any organization. Developing and implementing marketing strategies that fit both the organization and surrounding community lead to a successful and thriving not for profit.
At Omni Solutions Agency, we are able to work with any budget to create a tailored strategy to will help can exposure and provide a return.


The abundance of available technology is often overwhelming to the everyday consumer and even more so to non-profit organization. Which Do I Choose? How Much Should I Pay? How Does It Work?

These are all valid questions when considering new business systems or marketing technologies. Omni Solutions Agency can provide the best solutions for your budget and provide support throughout the process.

Financial & Asset Management

As in any business, the first step to success is accumulating wealth. The second being protecting that wealth. An active financial & asset management strategy is vital in sustaining and developing non-profits.

Omni Solutions Agency and its partners aid in developing comfortable financial management strategies that fit the needs of the business. Whether to protect asset or drive income, we find the best strategy for your organization.

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