About Omni

Omni Solutions Agency | Easton, Maryland

Omni Solutions Agency was founded in April 2014 by Josh Poore to deliver Maryland’s Eastern Shore a new alternative to advertising, marketing and business services. Omni Solutions Agency reviews your business as a whole to develop and implement leading edge marketing and business development strategies that suites your needs and budget.

Our Marketing Philosophy

We believe in spending time with our clients to understand the products and services they offer. In doing so, we gain a better understanding of your target demographic and provide the best solution to reach a specific audience. We utilize many difference forms of media including print, radio, television and online to target potential clients. Alternatively, Omni Solutions Agency can help develop strategies to create brand awareness of your products and services to ?untouched? markets.

Our Business Development Philosophy

Omni Solutions Agency assists in gaining more productivity out of current technology and processes many businesses already have in place. Today’s technology offers many luxuries in which businesses are unaware. Maximizing productivity while limiting spending is the key to success of most businesses. Our approach

About Our Staff

Josh Poore started Omni Solutions Agency in April of 2014 coming from a background in Information Technology, Accounting and Marketing. Josh originally started as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE) in 2007 with a local school system and eventually a large IT Firm located in Salisbury, Maryland. In 2009, Josh joined his friends at Total Home Performance and aided them in developing Total Home Performance to the premier Energy Audit and Weatherization Company on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Josh served as Operations Manager providing support the administration, sales and production staff for 3 years. In 2014, Josh saw an opportunity to partner with his parents, printing company, Poore House Printing in St. Michaels and offer advertising, marketing and business services to an under served market in  Talbot County.  Josh brings his experience in IT/Networking, Marketing and Accounting to locally-owned business in Easton and the surrounding area to offer a fresh prospective on business processes and marketing strategies.