Buy Local, Be Local

2015.03.BuyLocal.EnvelopeHeaderBuy Local, Be Local Promotions is an Omni Solutions Agency company that provides Local Direct Mail Marketing Programs on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It’s our goal to create a relationship between local residents and small, locally-owned businesses.

Currently, Buy Local, Be Local Promotions offer Direct Mail Marketing services to three areas on the Mid-Shore including Talbot County / Bay Hundred from Royal Oak to Tilghman Island, Talbot County / Greater Easton including Oxford and Trappe and their newest territory Dorchester County / Greater Cambridge including East New Market, Church Creek and Woolford. Each mailing territory varies from 5,000 to 10,000 homes and provides an every door saturated mailing to local residence.

Buy Local, Be Local Promotions is an effort of small businesses, owned locally on Maryland Eastern Shore. To learn more about Buy Local, Be Local Promotions please visit our website