Direct Mail

Direct Mail Avertising

Direct Mail Marketing allows businesses to utilize postcards, brochures and magazines through the mail to target a specific area or audience. These mailers can be up 8.5 x 11 inches, full color and on heavy paper stock to create brand awareness or promote offers. Mailings are often designed to be very specific for the target audience. For instance, if you are a home services business interested in target older neighborhoods for system replaces or upgrades, the direct mail piece can feature specifics about the neighborhoods and even pictures of the houses. This provides the consumers with confidence know that the company has an understanding of the needs of the consumer.


Custom Direct Mail Packages

Typical Direct Mail Marketing packages consist of designing and printing 5,000 postcards and sending them out biweekly over 12-16 period. That way, a broad audience can be reached over a long period allowing the business to pay for the mailing over time. If a coupon or promotion is utilized, results can then be measured and high impact areas identified and often revisited with future mailings.

Direct Mail Marketing Packages start as little as $370 per month