Frequently Asked Questions

How can Omni help my organization?

Omni Solutions Agency provides a scalable model that can support any size non-profit.

In most cases, we provide administrative support allowing key personnel to focus on more effective tasks fundraising and program operations. Our services include bookkeeping, reporting and business management.

In other cases, Omni Solutions Agency can help your organization grow by implementing strategic marketing plans or technology infrastructure to better management your operation.

How much does it cost?

By utilizing a scalable model, Omni Solutions Agency is able to support all needs and budgets. We operate on a project basis so you know costs and expected outcomes prior to starting any service.

We are able to offer support on a weekly, monthly or annual basis allowing organizations to budget for our services.

What are the key services Omni offers?

Omni Solutions Agency offers numerous services to assist organizations in sustainability and develop.

We have identified a few key areas of need…

How to we get started?

Omni Solutions Agency starts by meeting with our clients and identifying areas of needs within the organization. From there, we develop a proposal outlining the services Omni can provide.

Omni Solutions Agency LLC., is a management services provider for operating and non-operating charitable private foundations.
As a comprehensive solutions provider, we deliver quality, streamlined results, as a single billing source for all management services allowing additional opportunities for staff and volunteers to focus on priority tasks.
Omni Solutions Agency LLC., also serves as a community resource for a network of industry professionals, who focus on specific services for non-profit organizations. Within our industry specific network, we have the resources to service and manage private foundations of all sizes.